About John

Born in London, John started calligraphy at 11 years old, two years on at 13, he was contacted by Lionel Edwards, Calligrapher to Queen Elizabeth, who taught him how to write in Copperplate, a particularly difficult style. He continued calligraphy until leaving school.

John then studied at the prestigious Central School of Arts and Crafts in Southampton Row, London, where Edward Johnston and Eric Gill had lectured. John was taught there by Ann Camp, a highly regarded calligrapher and teacher. John wanted to study more modern letterforms and joined a central London Design Studio and Advertising Agency where he stayed for eight years specialising in lettering design.

He moved to Cornwall, starting his own Graphic Design and Advertising Agency producing work for national as well as local clients. He would always try to incorporate calligraphic styles, when appropriate, into commercial designs. Indeed, much of his calligraphy has been for the commercial sector, although he also does many private commissions... the family tree on a whole calfskin vellum using goose quills (photo above) is a good example.