Most people think of wedding calligraphy as mainly for Place Cards, Invitations, Envelope addressing etc. where a different name is required for each item, which is true most of the time. But the one thing that always remains the same are the bride and groom's names.

So why not commission a wonderful piece of calligraphy featuring the names or initials entwined in a beautiful original design? We then supply a printable version of the calligraphy to your supplier that can be easily incorporated into all of your wedding stationery, which has to be printed anyway, using your choice of colours and should incur no extra cost.

By using a hand lettered calligraphic design and because of modern printing techniques, all of your wedding stationery will have a sparkling originality and consistency. Even better, this technique is very cost effective as the calligraphy is only done once and then featured on anything you wish, it can be laser cut or even light projected onto any surface. We supply a file (see sample) - that can be manufactured for most specialist uses.